Christie's December design sales
    • Christie's December design sales(19:28)

      New Delhi, Dec 4 (IANSlife) Christie's New York announced a series of Design sales in December, featuring an unparalleled selection of masterworks by major names in twentieth- and twenty-first-century art, architecture, and design.

    Wedding Trends 2021-2022
    • Wedding Trends 2021-2022(18:14)

      New Delhi, Dec 4 (IANSlife) Dr Meher Bharucha Sarid, Founder and Chief Executive Officer at The Wedding Art shares wedding trends for your happily ever after:

    The 11th edition of the Aadi Anant 2021-22 Festival of Indian Music
    Fashion industry to revamp in 2022
    • Fashion industry to revamp in 2022(18:12)

      New Delhi, Dec 4 (IANSlife) India has always been a key market for the global fashion industry. Even though it faces various challenges of inequality, infrastructure, and market fragmentation; it is anticipated that the sector will exhibit strong economic growth, scale, and rising digital disruption. Collectively, these elements will make the Indian market a global hub in the times to come.

    5 sexy brilliant lessons to take into 2022
    • 5 sexy brilliant lessons to take into 2022(18:10)

      New Delhi, Dec 4 (IANSlife) What a year 2021 has been. Sadly due to the pandemic, we have all lost someone close to us but here we are alive and kicking and we are about to enter the new year. The year 2021 taught us a lot of new skills and strategies and gave us new ways to look at the little things in life.

    Organic kids wear collection
    • Organic kids wear collection(18:08)

      New Delhi, Dec 4 (IANSlife) Turtledove London is a clothing company for children aged 0 to 8 years old that reflects a passion for nature, art, and people. It offers a sustainable, ethical solution for dressing children with exclusive fabrics, colours, shapes, and prints with many reversible options, styles with adjustable straps, turn back cuffs and hems that can grow with your child to maximise wear, and link backs to previous collections in terms of colours and prints to allow easy coordination. It also features a diverse assortment of gender-neutral clothing with worldwide appeal.

    Raising a toast to the country's Best Bars
    • Raising a toast to the country's Best Bars(18:06)

      New Delhi, Dec 4 (IANSlife) After a highly successful inaugural edition in 2019, which selected and celebrated the country's 30 greatest bars, Tulleeho and Man's World Magazine, in collaboration with Teacher's, have announced the second edition of 30 Best Bar India 2021.

    Celebrating music and its power to bring people together
    • Celebrating music and its power to bring people together(17:20)

      New Delhi, Dec 3 (IANSlife) Never-before-seen concerts by renowned performers such as the Berklee Indian Ensemble and Women of the World, a collection of inventive artists from throughout the world, are among the highlights of The Museum of Art & Photography (MAP) Bengaluru's 'Art is Life: SoundFrames', a three-day digital festival in collaboration with Berklee College of Music.

    Chennai Photo Biennale Edition 'Maps of Disquiet'
    • Chennai Photo Biennale Edition 'Maps of Disquiet'(17:02)

      New Delhi, Dec 3 (IANSlife) Between December 9, 2021, and February 6, 2022, the international biennale of photography will take place in Chennai, with physical exhibitions at Forum Art Gallery, Ashvita's Gallery, Roja Muthiah Research Library, and Madras Literary Society, as well as hybrid screenings of video works at the Goethe-Institut, Chennai.

    Hair styling trends 2022
    • Hair styling trends 2022(16:58)

      New Delhi, Dec 3 (IANSlife) When I'm asked about seasonal trends, perhaps it's wishful thinking on my part, but I've been saying for years that people need to embrace what is naturally their own.

    Watches for the wedding seasons
    • Watches for the wedding seasons(16:54)

      New Delhi, Dec 3 (IANSlife) The season of love is upon us and as wedding bells ring louder, timepieces that radiate elegance and beauty become an important accessory.

    50 Lamborghini's drive from Delhi to Shimla
    • 50 Lamborghini's drive from Delhi to Shimla(16:46)

      New Delhi, Dec 3 (IANSlife) The recently concluded, Lamborghini Esperienza GIRO India 2021 'Pedal To The Peak' gave Lamborghini owners and enthusiast an unparalleled luxury experience that spanned across 4 days and 3 picturesque locations of North India.

    Choosing right skincare products
    • Choosing right skincare products(16:38)

      New Delhi, Dec 3 (IANSlife) Today, we are exposed to a gazillion beauty product launches every now and then. The cosmetic industry is ever-changing and always gives us something new to wish for.

    Nominations Announced For MyGlamm Filmfare OTT Awards 2021
    • Nominations Announced For MyGlamm Filmfare OTT Awards 2021(19:10)

      New Delhi, Dec 2 (IANSlife) Filmfare is all set to celebrate the artistic and technical brilliance of the OTT industry with the MyGlamm Filmfare OTT Awards 2021. The final nominations for web series and web films were chosen based on audience votes in genres such as comedy, drama, and non-fiction. On December 9, 2021, Filmfare will honour the best in talent and technique at an exclusive event in Mumbai.

    Lingerie essentials for a bride to be
    • Lingerie essentials for a bride to be(13:54)

      New Delhi, Dec 2 (IANSlife) There's something magical and dreamy about weddings and of course, the weeks leading up to the special day can get hectic for every bride. That's why you need to make sure your wedding trousseau has everything you need to ensure smooth sailing.

    Elegance and glamour this festive season
    • Elegance and glamour this festive season(13:46)

      New Delhi, Dec 2 (IANSlife) Hyderabad-based designer, Shriya Som draws inspiration from the radiant iris flowers that signify new beginnings and bloom in a variety of colours, such as blue, purple, red and white for her 2021 Bridal-Festive collection - 'The Wild Iris'.

    This festive season make it personal!
    • This festive season make it personal!(13:44)

      New Delhi, Dec 2 (IANSlife) Life was moving at a fast pace for most of us and then the pandemic hit. The pace definitely slowed down and gave us an opportunity to look back at our lifestyle, routine and our most cherished old memories. 'Looking back' through your old photos on a phone versus flipping through a glossy photo album and reliving each memory? Getting teary eyed at some, and straight up howling with laughter at some others.

    Kareena Kapoor Khan's hair care routine
    • Kareena Kapoor Khan's hair care routine(13:42)

      New Delhi, Dec 2 (IANSlife) Kareena Kapoor Khan leads the way for a hair care brand derived by nature and elevated by science. St Botanica is taking the next step in its journey with the keen objective to attract new generations of consumers. Based on extensive research-based the formulations contain natural and organic ingredients and steer away from preservatives, parabens, mineral oils, synthetic colours, perfumes and so on.

    A firming oil to keep your skin youthful
    • A firming oil to keep your skin youthful(13:42)

      New Delhi, Dec 2 (IANSlife) Winter weather is harsh on the skin and one needs more than just moisturising to see you through the season. Skin ageing is natural, but you can make it graceful!