Kashmir: Will BBC Once Again Lift The Veil Of Secrecy? (Comment)
  • Kashmir: Will BBC Once Again Lift The Veil Of Secrecy? (Comment)(10:24)
    By Saeed Naqvi
    It is just as well that the BBC has decided to expand its shortwave radio service in Kashmir to beat the communications blackout. This is not the first time the BBC has played this role - and for good reason. Because the supine, mainstream media in L.K. Advanis words crawls when it is asked to bend.
  • Advancing interdependence and common ground on Independence Day (Comment)(09:24)
    By Frank F. Islam
    In his first speech after winning the election for his second term, Prime Minister Narendra Modi proclaimed that "…we have to win 'sabka vishwas' (everyones trust)." What will be required to win that trust is establishing a true state of interdependence. Interdependence can be achieved by creating a country in which there is a shared understanding of the value of each citizen and a reliance on one another to eliminate discrimination, hostility, and prejudice and to provide equality and opportunity for all. All citizens must be active participants in shaping the future of India. They must be equal partners in Indias inclusive economic mobility and in Indias shared prosperity.
  • What next? Filmmaker's dilemma (Column: B-Town)(09:12)
    By Vinod Mirani
    With the kind of films that unspool every week, one can conclude that there is a dearth of not only ideas but also direction! A varied kind of films are being made. Each filmmaker trying to come out with something different. This includes all - big as well as medium-range producers. The idea seems to be taking a shot in the dark. It is all about taking chances.
The opposition's blind spot (Column: Spy's Eye)
  • The opposition's blind spot (Column: Spy's Eye)(09:04)
    By D.C. Pathak
    Prime Minister Narendra Modi rightly began his Independence Day address by declaring that the abrogation of Articles 370 and 35A, approved by the two Houses of Parliament with a two-third majority, had restored 'One Nation, One Constitution' for India. In a play of domestic politics, however, the developments relating to Kashmir are producing a political fallout at home in which the principal opposition strangely is showing up as the chief apologist for Pakistan.
Education and its economic outgrowths (Column: Active Voice)
  • Education and its economic outgrowths (Column: Active Voice)(09:20)
    By Amit Kapoor
    In his Independence Day speech, Prime Minister Narendra Modi highlighted the issue of population explosion in the country and the need to address it. He added education as a means of both moderating the trend of rising population and making them productive as well. Development trends throughout history have shown that as literacy levels go up, fertility rate falls and economic growth is easier to achieve. The latter is due to the fact that with education, child progress takes place at a faster rate making the future generation of workforce more productive.
Now for the roadmap for financing (Column: Behind Infra Lines)
  • Now for the roadmap for financing (Column: Behind Infra Lines)(09:02)
    By Taponeel Mukherjee
    As India celebrated its 73rd Independence Day, the roadmap for the next phase of growth is of prime importance and much interest across the spectrum. While the details are being debated upon, the three focus areas of greater details on the financing of new investments, efficient allocation of government funds and innovative steps around the privatisation of government assets deserve increased attention.
Now, Marvel Superheroes in a book format (IANS Interview)
  • Now, Marvel Superheroes in a book format (IANS Interview)(09:08)
    By Vishnu Makhijani
    New Delhi, Aug 16 (IANS) You have read about them in comics -- that was the original genre. They then transformed to the stage, to the small screen, then to the big screen and soon the streaming platform. Now, read about your favourite Marvel Superhero in book format with the seven titles that have been released making waves worldwide and also in India, where they recently debuted.
Batla House': Facts messed up by fiction (IANS Review; Rating: ** & 1/2)
'Vidya Sinha was Rajnigandha to fans after her first film'
  • 'Vidya Sinha was Rajnigandha to fans after her first film'(17:12)
    By Yogesh
    I am at a loss of words to hear about Vidya Sinhas demise, simply shocked beyond words. Till only the other day, I was watching her on the television show, "Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala". I was felt happy watching her on the show because our association is a really long one. I know her from the days of her first film, "Rajnigandha" (1974). Now, on hearing about her death, I am extremely sad and dont know how to react.
Exposing get rich quick schemes (IANS Interview)
  • Exposing get rich quick schemes (IANS Interview)(09:32)
    By Vishnu Makhijani
    New Delhi, Aug 13 (IANS) Get rich schemes - call them what you may - have siphoned off some Rs 7 lakh crore but no one seems to bat an eyelid, laments Aruna Ravikumar, a three-decade veteran of the print and electronic media, in her new book, tracing their origins to the liberalisation of the economy in 1991.
Needed: A new mindset in Bollywood (Battling Change-II)
  • Needed: A new mindset in Bollywood (Battling Change-II)(09:20)
    By Amit Khanna
    If the Industry has survived (thrived?) so many decades it is because of the influx of fresh capital from new, glamour struck players. Every generation since the beginning of the Indian film Industry has seen a fresh set of
Applied Intelligence (Column: Spy's Eye)
  • Applied Intelligence (Column: Spy's Eye)(15:44)
    By D.C. Pathak
    A remarkable transition that is happening on the quiet to push the world from the Information Age to the overpowering Age of Intelligence is felt but not consciously absorbed by the leaders of business and industry including those responsible for Corporate Governance. They are aware that comprehensive information was needed today for successful decision-making in any sphere and that all enterprises therefore had to make an investment on gathering and analysing information that was either available in the open or accessed through channels created with some special effort. The open sources of information broadly include publications, online material, seminars and conferences, public contacts and even trade exhibitions. The advent of the Age of Information gave instant access to any information that was put in the public domain and therefore any competitive advantage a player could derive from it would be incumbent upon the latter's ability to use competent analysis to read into that open information some significance for the future that others had not noted. Analysis thus becomes an instrument of Intelligence generation.
Bollywood: Coming to terms with today (Battling Change - I)
  • Bollywood: Coming to terms with today (Battling Change - I)(09:24)
    By Amit Khanna
    Bollywood is going through a purple patch in the last couple of years. Or so it appears. The revenues are up by 11 per cent year on year. Number of hits and successful films is on the rise. Box office collections and non-theatrical revenue are on the rise. Stars (actors and directors) are earning in tens of crores. Even the technicians, writers, musicians are much better paid than a couple of decades ago. The number of films made every year has increased as have the number of screens.
National Award was always on my bucket list: Ayushmann Khurrana (IANS interview)
Let markets run their course before entering them (Column: Market Watch)
  • Let markets run their course before entering them (Column: Market Watch)(15:12)
    By Arun Kejriwal
    The week gone by had plenty of action and played out on expected lines as mentioned in the previous weeks article. It all began with the Rajya Sabha and then the Lok Sabha scrapping special status under Articles 370 and 35A for Jammu and Kashmir and making it a Union Territory with an Assembly. It also made Ladakh a Union Territory without an Assembly. The divide right across the centre of the principle opposition party Congress was clear. It lost the chief whip in the Rajya Sabha on the issue. Further, a large number of ex MPs from the Congress from the NextGen who incidentally had all lost the Lok Sabha battle this time voiced their view against the party line. Fearing another split, on Saturday night the Congress made Sonia Gandhi the interim Congress President. This after the party had said that the next President would be a non-Gandhi.
Has Xi Jinping found the answer to Hong Kong? (Comment)
  • Has Xi Jinping found the answer to Hong Kong? (Comment)(14:22)
    By Akhil Bhardwaj
    What started as a demonstration by 12,000 citizens against a proposed legislation for extradition of criminal undertrials to China has escalated into a daily assembly of over two million protesting against Chinese ainterference' in Hong Kong, an examination of police brutality under the gaze of international press and a demand for full democracy. Meanwhile, Chief Executive Carrie Lam's counter-mobilisation strategy is reduced to maintaining radio silence. Not only did Lam lose all credit amongst the pro- democracy camp having described the June 12 protest as a "riot", she has also lost support of the pro-Beijing (dare I say anti-democracy?) section of Hong Kong having suspended the extradition bill that triggered the protests. Additionally, there have been anonymous accounts of the Hong Kong police expressing resentment at being forced to play a violent role in what should have been a political debate.
The character they lent to films (Column: B-Town)
  • The character they lent to films (Column: B-Town)(10:18)
    By Vinod Mirani
    There has been a class of actors known as character artistes. Nobody ever thought of calling them stars, let alone superstars. But the fact is there have been some superstars in this category, too. Whoever the star of a film may be, it would never be complete without the breed of character artistes propping it up.
Why Modi acted now on Kashmir? (Comment)
  • Why Modi acted now on Kashmir? (Comment)(10:10)
    By Deepika Bhan
    The question is why did Modi chose ‘now to do what he has done with Article370? There was no big election in sight so as to create a build up for electoral gain. Neither was there any major crisis or any embarrassing situation for the government to find a succour in Kashmir. Perhaps, this was the best time to enact the best of action story for the Modi-Shah Combine.
  • Indian Left now in Jurassic park (Column: Political Calculus)(09:30)
    By Jayanta Ghosal
    A joke surfaced on social media after the 2019 Lok Sabha polls. A black-and-white photograph featuring that ultimate jewel of Bengali romantic films, Uttam Kumar with Suchitra Sen. She said, "Let us go somewhere, where only we will be alone and no one else there." In response, Uttam Kumar said, "Then we should go to Alimuddin Street."
Kashmir's 1991 moment (Column: Active Voice)
  • Kashmir's 1991 moment (Column: Active Voice)(09:18)
    By Amit Kapoor
    The special status of Jammu & Kashmir has been revoked and the state has been bifurcated into two Union Territories. Those are the facts. Much has been discussed and debated over these decisions. But it is time to consider its future implications now. Altering the long-held governance structure was just the beginning to resolving the long-standing Kashmir problem. The real uphill task remains. How do these steps result in the development of Jammu & Kashmir and bring it closer to achieving peace and stability? That is the crux of the matter; the end goal.
Debt Market Outlook: Term spreads remain attractive (Guest Column)
  • Debt Market Outlook: Term spreads remain attractive (Guest Column)(18:04)
    By Suyash Chaudhary
    What went by: Bonds continued their positive run with the 10-year bond yield falling by 51 basis points (bps) while the 10-year 'AAA' and 10-year SDL eased by 33 bps on the decision of the government to stick to fiscal consolidation in their FY20 budget, announcement of sovereign bond (which could help balance domestic demand/supply gap) and positive global cues.
Equity Market Outlook: Only silver lining is reasonable valuations (Guest Column)
Modi removes impediments to Kashmir becoming heaven on earth again (Comment)
  • Modi removes impediments to Kashmir becoming heaven on earth again (Comment)(10:28)
    By Nikhil Nanda
    Prime Minister Narendra Modi has once again proved that he is head and shoulders above the run-of-the-mill politicians. His decision in respect of Jammu and Kashmir required many exceptional qualities. First and foremost was real insight into and understanding of the complexity involved in the Kashmir problem.
Death of 370, birth of hope for Kashmiris
  • Death of 370, birth of hope for Kashmiris(17:38)
    By Deepika Bhan
    New Delhi, Aug 8 (IANS) The end of Article 370 heralds a new beginning for many Kashmiris, despite the doom and gloom in some quarters over its revocation.
Incrementalism is holding the economy hostage (Comment)
  • Incrementalism is holding the economy hostage (Comment)(12:34)
    By K. Yatish Rajawat
    "It has been adopted and has become too much of a convention... ", RBI Governor Shaktikanta Das angry explanation on cutting the repo rate by 35 bps instead of following the tradition of cutting it in multiple of 25 bps.